Guideline for Submission


Submissions for both oral and poster presentations will be reviewed by the Committee. There is a limit of one oral presentation per presenting/lead author. Authors may present a poster as well as one oral presentation.

You must submit an abbreviated abstract (500 characters). There are two presentation formats: a talk as part of a session, or a poster presentation as part of a poster session. Talks within a session are typically 20-30 minutes in length, with 3 talks in a session (a session is 90 minutes). Sessions are scheduled from Monday through Wednesday, and the scheduling of your talk is determined by the Organizing Committee. Poster sessions will be scheduled during the day on Monday through Wednesday, with session times to be determined. The presentation day for your poster is determined by the Organizing Committee.

Submit your abstract for an oral presentation or poster presentation using the online submission. Only one submission will be permitted per presenting author.

  • To submit an abstract for an oral presentation CLICK HERE.
    You must select up to three keywords in the “Topic Area” to assist the Committee in scheduling your talk.
  • To submit an abstract for a poster presentation CLICK HERE.
    You must select one of the poster keywords in the “Topic Area” (keywords 22-42).
  • If you wish to submit both an oral presentation and poster, please contact Ellen Tralongo, INFORMS.
  • Abbreviated abstracts should be 500 characters maximum (approximately 50 words), title of abstract – 100 characters maximum. Note: abbreviated abstract will appear in the printed program.