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Wednesday, July 21

Please note the time zone for all sessions, is Eastern Daylight Savings Time

10–10:10am Welcome Remarks
10:10–11am Bruce Y. Lee Plenary
11:10am–12:40pm WA Sessions
1–1:50pm Networking
2–3:30pm WB Sessions
3:40–5:10pm WC Sessions

Thursday, July 22

10–10:10am HAS Student Competition Announcement
10:10–11am Giselle Corbie Plenary
11:10am–12:40pm TA Sessions
1–1:50pm Technology Tutorial: Data Science Approaches to Confronting the COVID-19 Pandemic
1–1:50pm Networking
2–3:30pm TB Sessions
3:40–5:10pm TC Sessions

Friday, July 23 

10–10:50am Anne Schuchat Plenary
11am–12:30pm FA Sessions
12:40–2:10pm FB Sessions
2:20–3:50pm FC Sessions