Working with High School Mathematics Teachers

by Jim Cochran on October 8th, 2013

Today I get to work on one of my favorite activities related to the annual INFORMS conference. Dvae Goldsman and I will assist Ken Chelst in giving a day long workshop for high school mathematics teachers on integrating operations research/analytics into their curricula. Ken does a terrific job organizing this event every year, and the participants are extremely enthusiastic. The teachers frequently comment on how much they look forward to returning to their schools so they can integrate topics that are actually relevant and will really engage their students. The program this year is maxed out – demand by potential participants far exceeds our capacity!

We’ll discuss decision analysis, queuing, simulation, optimization, etc. and show how these concepts can be made accessible to high school students. Working with these teachers is great fun – they are very committed to improving the quality and relevance of the education they provide their students, their enthusiasm is infectious, and their dedication is inspiring.

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  1. Hi Jim, do you have presentation slides for this workshop? I think many people can benefit from those materials if you can put them online.

    • Jim Cochran permalink

      Hi Sertalp,

      I do not have these slides posted online, but I am revising an article on this topic for INFORMS Transactions on Education (I hope to resubmit by the end of the month, then it will be in the hands of the editorial board…). Ken Chelst actually created the slides I used in this workshop – if you contact me, I can send you Ken’s email and you can ask him for them directly.