A great tool for teaching mathematical programming

by S. Phil Kim on October 9th, 2013

I talked with one of Purdue IE faculty, Ji Soo Yi, about his work and I attended his talk today.

Even though I missed the first half of his talk, I found what he and his team did could be a great help to professors who teach mathematical programming, especially linear programming, in undergraduate.

This is still a beta version but, it has some cool features for instructor. You can create your own problems, and send them out to your students as homework. (save your time or make your homework look more fancy)

The link is the following


or ¬†google ‘Purdue POET’

You will be asked to create an account and need to sign in as an instructor, in order to create new problems and/or  homework.

I am going to release the solution of homework I gave to my students thru this tool, so that students can find the solution by trying to type in the right answer.


Take a look and you will see how you can utilize this in your class.

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