MIPLIB 2017: Calling all hard problems!

During one of Sunday’s sessions on high performance computing, and before speaking about solving Mixed Integer Linear Programs (MIPs) in parallel by using more than 40,000 cores, Yuji Shinano extended an invitation to contribute to the 2017 version of the Mixed Integer Programing LIBrary (MIPLIB).

MIPLIB has had a great role in advancing development in computational methods for solving MIPs, providing the community with a public library of different types of problems on which to try and compare ideas. MIPLIB 2010 is the 5th iteration of the library. The problem is that each version of the library has a limited lifespan, since advances in state-of-the-art solvers and computational resources are making most of the instances too easy to be of interest.


Number of instances according to solvability status (taken from the MIPLIB website)

One big difference in this call for contributions is that submitting model files and data (besides the raw instances files) is encouraged.
So, if you have any challenging MIPs please submit them at https://miplibsubmissions.zib.de/, the MIP community will greatly appreciate it. The submission deadline is Februrary 28, 2017.