Spooky Ideas for INFORMS 2015

Welcome to Philly! I am excited to be a part of INFORMS Annual Meeting here at Philadelphia as a student volunteer, doctoral colloquium attendant, presenter and session chair. You may just be getting into the mood, but we have been feeling the increasing excitement in the air since a few months at Lehigh. Finally, everything is set to go and an amazing conference is ahead of us.

HalloweenMany of the participants are arriving here today (Oct 31st) and it coincides with the Halloween. Well, as a PhD student I would like to tell you some scary Halloween stories that may left you sleepless. If this is your first INFORMS, well, then enjoy! (Don’t worry, I will take it easy)

  1. All PhD students are scared of tough questions during or after their presentations. Even this is frightening enough that may shake you when preparing your slides. (No need to get scared because of that, people attending to INFORMS are really nice and their purpose is to help you with your work)
  2. You start to talk with a stranger about your work. At some point, you decide to give more details about your study so that the stranger can get it. All of a sudden, you remember his/her name from somewhere. It’s on the tip of your tongue. Yes, that is the paper you read ages ago and decided your thesis topic on. The stranger is the father of the whole area you are working on. (No panic, everyone enjoys to hear the topic they are working from someone else. They will be happy most probably.)
  3. It’s time for your talk and no one is around. There should be a problem. You are double checking the building you are in, the class, the track number. It’s like everyone disappeared suddenly. (There are two possibilities, either you went there really early, or you had forgotten to set your clock 1 hour back on Saturday night before you slept.)
  4. Hands down, this one is probably the worst so I saved it for the last. Imagine you are looking over the conference booklet and then you realize a talk’s title. Oh my, even its name suggest that they are doing exactly what you are doing for your thesis. It freezes your blood for a second. You check its abstract quickly and you feel like it is getting worse. You decide to go to talk to face with your fate. (Don’t worry, no matter how close it seems at first glance, it’s most probably way different than what you are doing.)

Don’t feel stressed out. Everything will go smoothly. Enjoy the biggest IE/OR meeting of the year and keep us posted with your tweets by using #informs2015 hashtag (yes, we need to beat #ismp2015 tweets!)

I am looking forward to meeting you during the conference. I would be happy to hear your horror stories as well! Welcome again 🙂

PS: Bonus tweet for you all