Day 0: NFC

I had the pleasure of attending the New Faculty Colloquium today. It was extremely informative, full of many nuggets of wisdom, coming from a great set of panelists across the IE/ OR/ MS spectrum. From Mark Daskin paraphrasing Churchill, to the collection of poems on supply chain that Elif Akcali started with her students at UFl, tenured faculty shared their experiences, perspectives and wisdom with those of us new to the job. The topics ranged from funding, to teaching, to research and collaboration, to soft skills and time management, and throughout the day a few themes emerged. I’ll include below some points that resonated with me and invite my fellow colloquium peers to contribute others that spoke to them:

  • be passionate
  • have fun – NOW, not “after tenure”!
  • tenure is not an end, but rather something that may happen along the way
  • start with an idea, THEN look for funding, rather than the other way around
  • break new grounds: “better to be the first to write on a topic than the last”
  • seek out internal and external service opportunities strategically – think long term and optimize your time allocation such that you work towards your goal; so, if you want to one day become an Editor In Chief, start volunteering and review early, well and often
  • be nice to be around
  • get a hobby that does not allow you to think about work and stick to it
  • teaching will expand to take as much or as little time as you allow it to
  • develop mentors and invest in building relationships – this is CRITICAL
  • form good habits: stay organized, track your time, keep a calendar and an actual to-do list (don’t use your email), learn to say ‘No’ graciously
  • quality trumps quantity in almost every aspect

Thanks again to Halit Uster and Barry List for organizing this! I don’t have a crystal ball, but I would say next year we’ll need a bigger room!

Enjoy Day 1!