INFORMS15 Undergraduate OR Prize Competition Sessions

Both sessions on Sunday (11am and 1:30pm) will be held at the Marriott in Room 403. They provide a fantastic opportunity to discover the work today’s best undergraduates do in operations research – those students will certainly be among tomorrow’s best graduate students or best young practitioners of O.R.

The talks in each session with their abstract are provided in the attached files (Session 1 and Session 2) since copying and pasting the online schedule runs into formatting issues and makes the abstracts unreadable.

I am sure it would mean a lot to the undergraduate students if you could take the time to drop by.

PLEASE note that Paige von Achen’s talk has been moved to 1:30pm, which is correctly reflected in the online schedule but not the print schedule.

Below, the finalists are listed in alphabetical order of the first author.

  • Beril Burcak, Osman Raug Karaaslan, Ayca Karatape, Alaz Ata Senol, Hakan Senturk and Kaan Yavuz, “Integrated optimization of aircraft utilization and on-time performance”, advised by Prof Kemal Goler at Bilkent University
  • Massey Cashore, “Multi-Step Bayesian optimization for one-dimensional feasibility determination”, advised by Prof Peter Frazier at Cornell
  • Kyle Cunningham, “Alleviating competitive imbalances in NFL schedules: an integer-programming approach”, advised by Prof Murat Kur at SUNY Buffalo
  • Omar El Housni, “Piecewise static policies for two-stage adjustable robust linear optimization problems under uncertainty”, advised by Prof Vineet Goyal at Columbia University
  • Pengyu Qian, “A composite risk measure framework for decision making under uncertainty”, advised by Prof Zizhuo Wang at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and Prof Zaiwen Wen at Peking University.
  • Chao Qin, “A faster algorithm for the resource allocation problem with convex cost functions”, advised by Prof Cong Shi at the University of Michigan
  • Magdalena Romero, “Optimal resource allocation in breast cancer screening with different risk groups”, advised by Prof Qingxia Kong at the Universidad Adolfo Ibanez in Chile
  • Cagan Urkup, Ezgi Karakas, Fehmi Mert Gurel and Kaan Telciler, “Routing optimization of a drone for agricultural inspections”, advised by Prof Sibel Salman at Koc University
  • Paige von Achen, “Optimizing community healthcare coverage in remote Liberia”, advised by Prof Karen Smilowitz at Northwestern University
  • Andy Zheng, “Robust multi-objective clustering”, advised by Prof Omid Nohadani at Northwestern University.