Congratulations to the Newly Elected 2015 INFORMS Fellows!

Every year the announcement of the newly elected INFORMS Fellows is eagerly awaited.

I was expecting to see the announcement of the 2015 INFORMS Fellows online but it had not yet been posted on the INFORMS Fellows page as of this morning. Then Peter Horner, our great Editor of OR/MS Today, brought to my attention, while we were chatting at the Exhibition Hall this morning, that the names of the 2015 INFORMS Fellows was in the conference program!

Indeed, you can find the list on page 10 and what a great list it is.

The 8 recipients this year, whose induction we will be celebrating at the Fellows luncheon today are:

C. Allen Butler
Gerad Cachon
Pinar Keskinocak
Eva K. Lee
Jack Levis
Pitu Mirchandani
Benjamin Van Roy
Rakesh V. Vohra.

Nice to see several Fellows in the Transportation and Logistics area. Also, great to see that 2 of the 8 are females. Last year there were 2 females elected; the year prior there was 1 female, and the year before that 0.

Congratulations to this year’s inductees!