The INFORMS Body of Knowledge, Practice, and Opportunity

By the end of day 2 here at #INFORMS2015 I have already had multiple conversations with excited young colleagues who are looking to make the leap upward from academia or current employment. Here in Philadelphia, where our nation began, I expect bright new careers in Analytics to similarly begin, develop, and become further differentiated as eager colleagues take advantage of all that INFORMS has to offer.

I’ve reminded those I’ve met to take advantage (and initiative) to tap in to all that INFORMS makes available to the Analytics community. I’ve also pointed out how much I especially appreciate that the list of INFORMS resources below (although not exhaustive), is a body of knowledge built upon the experience, expertise, and goodwill of our collaborative community. Good mentors, all! I attest to the fact that time is well spent becoming familiar with these tools as they provide countless opportunities for learning, networking, service, and credential.

@ADBurciaga (twitter)