Wagner Prize Day

Room 112B in the Convention Center

Monday is a full day for me as Chair of the Daniel H. Wagner Prize for Excellence in Operations Research Practice.  That’s a mouthful, so let’s just say the Wagner Prize.  Regardless of whether you are familiar with the Wagner Prize or not, you should come check out some of the five talks being presented during the day.  These presentations are the culmination of a rigorous screening process identifying cutting edge operations research or advanced analytics that has proven it’s worth in a real world application (i.e. these are really good talks).

Shelf Space Management and Postal Routing start the day at 8 am.

Locating Railroad Service Facilities and Crashing Cars at Ford are at 11 am.

Finally, you can learn about the use of Gene signatures to predict Vaccine effectiveness at 4:30 pm.

Hope to see you there!