Celebrating Accomplishments of INFORMS Fellows, WORMS Award Recipient, Robert Herman Award Recipient, and of Our Students

In addition to the great technical sessions and talks this INFORMS conference has been a truly celebratory one in which the accomplishments of members have been recognized. Below,  through photos, I highlight just some of the celebrations that I managed to attend.

On Monday, the 2015 INFORMS Fellows were inducted and recognized at a lunch, which included delicious cupcakes. There were 8 inductees but  2 could not attend.



The WORMS (Women in Operations Research and the Management Sciences) lunch was sold out early this year and for those who were lucky to get tickets, yesterday, we had the opportunity to recognize Dr. Margaret Brandeau of Stanford University with this year’s WORMS Award. We also celebrated the 20th anniversary of WORMS.



As for one of my favorite societies within INFORMS, the Transportation & Logistics Society, this year the Robert A. Herman Lifetime Achievement Award in Transportation Science was announced and it went to Michel Gendreau of Montreal, who has over 220 publications and is also an INFORMS Fellow.  It is always great to see many friends at the meeting of this society.



Students’ accomplishments were recognized in many ways, and I had the pleasure of attending the Student Chapter Award ceremonies on Monday evening at which the chapter awards were given out as were the Judith B. Liebman Awards. The reception afterwards was fabulous,  especially the desserts! And,  as the Faculty Advisor to the UMass Amherst INFORMS Student Chapter, I was thrilled to see the chapter recognized with the summa cum laude award and its past President, Michael Prokle, with the Judith B. Liebman Award. There were two other Liebman Award recipients, including Kayse Maas of the University Michigan. The University of Toronto also received the summa cum laude award.

And the morning after, several officers showed up to the chapters/ fora breakfast.




It was also great to see fellow blogger Thiago Serra at the breakfast meeting and also Les Servi of Mitre!


Many thanks to the wonderful INFORMS staff for making all the events so memorable.


Congratulations to all on their achievements!

Safe travels back, everyone!

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