Healthcare takes center stage

Both Guru Banavar’s plenary on Sunday and Margaret Brandeau’s today put health(care) center stage. Exciting area to be working in these days – from cognitive computing to data-driven public health decision making, the future looks promising! Many challenges remain, however, and yesterday, several very successful researchers offered their tips for “getting work done in healthcare”:

– Martin Puterman: seek high level sponsorship for projects; be quick and clear on deliverables; be wary of LEAN
– Brian Denton: seek good collaborations – they can be immensely rewarding; however, expect to fail early and often
– Sheldon Jacobson: publishing OR work in medical journals can get much more visibility and impact for your work; the perspective, however, is very different – in healthcare, people care about implications, patient safety and access, over models and methodologies
– Amy Cohn: time, the Institutional Review Board and the IT people are your best friends when working with healthcare data
– Margaret Brandeau: to make an impact, find a problem that matters, disseminate your results in influential domain journals and conferences, get involved in committees and boards

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