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Are you interested in adding the Certified Analytics Professional credential to your CV?

by Steve Sashihara on October 16th, 2012

Have you heard that INFORMS is launching a new program, where participants will receive the designation of Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)?

The scope / body of knowledge is briefly summarized in the following table:

Domain Description Weight
I Business Problem (Question) Framing 15%
II Analytics Problem Framing 17%
III Data 22%
IV Methodology (Approach) Selection 15%
V Model Building 6%
VI Deployment 9%
VII Lifecycle Management 6%


Eligibility Criteria:

  • BA/BS or MA/MS degree
  • At least five years of analytics work-related experience for BA/BS holder in a related area
  • At least three years of analytics work-related experience for MA/MS (or higher) holder in a related area
  • At least seven years of analytics work-related experience for BA/BS (or higher) holder in an unrelated area
  • Verification of soft skills/provision of business value by employer


For candidates who can satisfy the above eligibility criteria, CAP will be awarded upon successful completion of an exam. The very first exams will be administered at the upcoming INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics & O.R. in San Antonio TX April 7-9 2013.

If you’re interested in hearing more, the INFORMS Certification Task Force will make a short presentation and answer questions tonight (Tuesday) from 6:15-7:15PM in Hyatt — Regency A.

Here’s a tip: I think there might be nice to be one the very first to get this certification and use it as a differentiator.  It might help you stand out to potential employers.


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