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INFORMS Annual Meeting 2012, Phoenix, AZ, October 14-17

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BIG Data & The Wagner Prize Track

by Allen Butler on October 7th, 2013

What does one have to do with another?  Not much , but those are the two topics that are on my mind this morning.  Yesterday, in the Roundtable meeting, I learned all about Big Data and I even know how to pronounce Hadoop now.  The numbers these people use are ones whose names I didn’t know – a zettabyte of data???  The applications of Big Data run the gamut from high frequency financial trading to bidding for the opportunity to place those little ads on the web page you just visited.  BTW, in this field you may only have 30 milliseconds to decide whether and how much to bid, of course you get that opportunity billions of times a day.  I found all the talks fascinating.

Today I have the pleasure of chairing the WAGNER PRIZE sessions in Auditorium 3.  I may be biased, but other than the plenaries and keynotes, I think these are some of the best talks you will find at the conference.  These are the finalists, so the quality of the talks tends to be extremely high.  Even if the talk is in a field with which you are not all that familiar, I guarantee you will learn and enjoy.  And, every talk is about a real world application!  Three sessions 8-9:30, 11-12:30, and 1:30-3.  Come one, come all!


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