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INFORMS Annual Meeting 2012, Phoenix, AZ, October 14-17

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Random Session Report for Monday

by Walt DeGrange on October 15th, 2012
Disclaimer:I had lunch at Five Guys and ate a giant cheeseburger before this session. Since 80% of all of my body’s blood was in my stomach I apologize up front for discontinuities in the report.
Conference room was mid-sized. A very well attended session. Fortunately the AC was working well.

Repurposing the Broadband Spectrum

More broadband and less TV Stations. Sounds good to me! Who doesn’t want to send blog posts from INFORMS Conferences faster. Evidently getting TV stations to give up their bandwidth and move to other channels voluntarily is not as easy as it sounds. Use OR, ¬†optimization and game theory to build a model to help. FCC is looking for assistance in this area. Nice!

Strategic Prioritization of Airline Delays
If you are flying ground-holding delays are not your friend. And since most of us flew to the conference then how could this presentation not be of interest. Unfortunately the briefed algorithm only used two airlines and was very difficult to scale up so better load up you kindle with some good books for the flight home just in case a ground delay is in your future.
Optimizing Kidney Exchange with Transplant Chains
You may not need a new kidney today but when you do it is pretty serious stuff. Evidently there are a lot of nice people willing to give up one of their two kidneys. Clearly most folks don’t do this out of the goodness of their heart. Typically folks will want someone they know but cannot donate a kidney to directly to get a kidney in return. There are a few very generous folks that do just give away a kidney and that creates a chain. Building and running models that make these chains optimal is an area where OR is really making a difference.
Tuesdays random session: 48 TSL – Freight Trans. & Logistics 8:00-9:30AM

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