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INFORMS Annual Meeting 2012, Phoenix, AZ, October 14-17

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Register for INFORMS. Seriously.

by Laura Albert on October 16th, 2012

I attended the WORMS (the Forum for Women in OR/MS) business meeting on Monday night and was extremely pleased with the turnout among students.  The issue of INFORMS membership came  up in the meeting, and I was genuinely surprised by a common misconception. It turns out that several student INFORMS members did not know that they had to separately join the WORMS forum. I am sure that this is not a WORMS issue – other student INFORMS members may not be registered for the Sections/Societies/Fora that you care about.

Students: it’s important to join Sections/Societies/Fora. When you join INFORMS, you get a lot of emails from INFORMS (a lot!!). You do not, however, get all of the INFORMS news that is relevant to you. Various INFORMS groups handle paper competitions, circulate job opportunities, put you in touch with people in your area. It’s important for your career to be part of the right conversations. The students who were interested in taking part of WORMS activities were not taking part in the conversations that happen on the WORMS list serve, and as a result, they missed out.

A lot of important business has been discussed at the INFORMS Annual Meeting. The conversations will continue after the annual meeting on various community listservs. Be a part of it.

If you have not yet registered for 2013, please do so online: and, check  the various sections/societies/fora that are interesting to you.

If you have already registered and forgot to sign up for the various groups that are important to you, it is easy to remedy with one of three easy options.

  1. Join an INFORMS community here:
  2. Renew by phone by calling INFORMS member services (800-446-3676).
  3. Renew by mail or fax using the form [pdf]:

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