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INFORMS Annual Meeting 2012, Phoenix, AZ, October 14-17

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Shameless Promotion

by Allen Butler on October 15th, 2012

There are lots of good talks scheduled for this meeting, but it’s sometimes hard to know which talks have good titles/abstracts and which ones also have good content. I know one track that will provide both high quality content and do so with an engaging presentation: the Wagner Prize track. I know this because I am the chair of the Wagner Prize Committee and I’ve read the papers describing the work that these top notch OR practitioners are doing. The topics are wide ranging this year, including three in the Healthcare industry (improving efficiency, saving lives), one in the political arena (minimizing gerrymandering), one in inventory management under extreme uncertainty, and a Homeland Security application that uses game theory to improve port security. Come hear all six talks, choose who you think was the best, and then come hear the winner announced at the 10 am Keynote on Wednesday.
Wagner Prize Sessions: Monday, Track 23 (MA, MB, MC) – Center – West 212C
One final recommendation: If you like single malt scotch, visit Seamus McCaffrey’s Irish Pub. They must have close to 100 choices and their prices are reasonable – they seem even more reasonable after the first few drams.

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  1. Michele Fisher permalink

    Wagner Wow!
    The Wagner Prize presentations did not disappoint – for content, for delivery, and for pure passion for the science. I will definitely be seeking out the articles when published in Interfaces and I expect that when I read them I will be reminded of the enthusiasm of their authors and the impact of their work.
    If you missed them, I recommend that you go see the plenary tomorrow and check out the videos.