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INFORMS Annual Meeting 2012, Phoenix, AZ, October 14-17

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Tuesday’s Treasures, Wednesday’s Winner, and Final Farewells

by Tallys Yunes on October 17th, 2012

Tuesday’s Treasures:┬áIf you missed the Constraint Programming sessions on Tuesday (TB12 and TC12), you should go back and try to get those research papers (by contacting the authors). It was beautiful: a strong display of difficult, important problems tackled effectively by powerful solution algorithms (cloud network design, scheduling, disaster recovery, offshore drilling operations). A joy to watch.

Wednesday’s Winner: The Data Mining tutorial (WA16) was very well delivered and pretty informative. I purchased the Tutorials book, but I’m glad I attended this one. There was a pretty nice collection of pointers to useful information on the topic. I also got to chat with Tim Hopper one more time and he agreed to be my go-to guru as I attempt to learn Data Mining. Thanks, Tim!

Final Farewells: As it all comes to an end, and I look back at how I spent my time in Phoenix, the only conclusion is that it was a great conference. I managed to do a bit of everything: I listened, I learned, I networked, I established new contacts, I had research meetings, I had philosophical meetings, I caught up with old friends, and I had fun. As one of my ribbons states, I was indeed delighted.

As for my video promises: I did attend my own talk, I did attend the social networking panel, I did engage in ribbon war (with help from Mary L. and Bo Jensen), someone actually asked for my papers (research ones) after my talk, I did (with pleasure) buy some people drinks, and I did meet INFORMS staff members for the first time; specifically, it was very nice to finally meet Ellen Tralongo and Shirley Mohr.

May you all have safe and uneventful travels to wherever your final destination may be. In the worst case, I’ll see y’all again in about a year!