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Business Meetings


OMEGA RHO General & Executive Committee H – Boardroom, 2nd Floor 12noon–2pm
Information Systems Society H – Regency A, 1st Floor 5:15–6:15pm
Auburn University H – Suite 312, 3rd Floor 5:30–7:30pm
ENRE Section CC – North 228B, 200 Level 6–7:15pm
Mayo Clinic Reception H – Suite 314, 3rd Floor 6–7:30pm
MSOM Society CC – North 229A, 200 Level 6–7:30pm
DAS Council Meeting CC – North 225B, 200 Level 6–8pm
Aviation Applications Section CC – North 223, 200 Level 6:15–7:15pm
Location Analysis Section CC – West 213B, 200 Level 6:15–7:15pm
Multiple Criteria Decision Making Section CC – West 212A, 200 Level 6:15–7:15pm
Optimization Society CC – North 124A, 100 Level 6:15–7:15pm
Quality, Statistics, & Reliability Section CC – North 129B, 100 Level 6:15–7:15pm
Railway Applications Section CC – North 221A, 200 Level 6:15–7:15pm
Telecommunications & Network Analytics Section CC – West 211A, 200 Level 6:15–7:15pm
TSL Board Meeting CC – North 222C, 100 Level 6:15–7:15pm
Simulation Society CC – North 228A, 200 Level 6:15–8pm
Revenue Management & Pricing Board CC – North 130, 100 Level 7:15–8:15pm
Minority Issues Forum Reception Copper Blues Restaurant 7:15–9:45pm


Kelley School of Business, Indiana University H – Suite 314, 3rd Floor 5:15–7:15pm
Virginia Tech/NC State H – Phoenix East, 2nd Floor 5:30–7:30pm
Finance Section CC – North 131A, 200 Level 6–7:15pm
Applied Probability Society CC – North 225A, 200 Level 6–7:30pm
Tech., Innovation Mgmt., & Entrepreneurship CC – North 123, 100 Level 6–7:30pm
Decision Analysis Society CC – North 225B, 200 Level 6–8pm
Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon H – Curtis, 2nd Floor 6–8pm
Analytics Society CC – North 228B, 200 Level 6:15–7:15pm
Auctions & Market Design CC – North 232A, 200 Level 6:15–7:15pm
Behavioral Operations Management Section CC – North 232B, 200 Level 6:15–7:15pm
e-Business Section CC – North 131B, 100 Level 6:15–7:15pm
Health Applications Society CC – West 101A, 100 Level 6:15–7:15pm
Transportation Science & Logistics Society CC – North 224A, 200 Level 6:15–7:15pm
Women in OR/MS Forum CC – North 232C, 200 Level 6:15–7:15pm
Computing Society CC – West 106C, 100 Level 6:15–7:15pm
Revenue Management & Pricing Section CC – North 130, 100 Level 6:15–7:15pm
Social Media Analytics Section CC – North 231C, 200 Level 6:15–8pm
Military & Security Society CC – West 106B, 100 Level 6:15–9:15pm
Data Mining Section CC – West 101B, 100 Level 6:30–8:00pm
Tsinghua University H – Cassidy, 2nd Floor 7–8:30pm H – Russell, 2nd Floor 7–9pm
University of Texas at Austin H – Borein, 2nd Floor 7–9pm
University of North Carolina H – Phoenix West, 2nd Floor 7–9:30pm
Northwestern University H – Gilbert, 1st Floor 7:30–9pm
Women in OR/MS Reception Mancuso’s Restaurant 8–11pm


The Practice Section Reception Mancuso’s Restaurant 5–6:30pm
Service Science Section CC – North 131C, 100 Level 6:15–7:15pm
SpORts Section Majerle’s Sports Grill 6:15–7:15pm