Exhibitors & Sponsors

Come check out the Exhibit Hall between sessions. We look forward to introducing you to our exhibitors.

Exhibit Hall Hours & Events

Day Time Event
Sunday, November 4 12noon-5pm Exhibit Hall is Open
4-4:30pm Coffee Break
7:30-9pm Welcome Reception
Monday, November 5 9am-5pm Exhibit Hall is Open
9:30-10am Coffee Break
4-4:30pm Coffee Break
Tuesday, November 6 9am-5pm Exhibit Hall is Open
9:30-10am Coffee Break
1:35-2pm Coffee Break
Wednesday, November 7 9am-12:30pm Exhibit Hall is Open
9:30-10am Coffee Break
Houston Exhibit Hall floor

The INFORMS Center will be located inside the exhibit hall.  This dynamic space is the hub for Annual Meeting activities.  Be sure to stop by and see key INFORMS leadership and staff, and learn more about the many programs and activities taking place both at the Annual Meeting and throughout the year.

Check back for a schedule of infORmational Sessions.

Networking Lounge & Technology center

Don’t miss the INFORMS Networking Lounge, located in the Exhibit Hall. This lounge is the perfect spot to connect and chat with friends, colleagues and new contacts, or simply recharge a bit. Laptops and a printer are available to check e-mail or print boarding passes.

Sponsored by AMPL
Sponsored by AMPL
Professional Headshot Station

Need a professional headshot for a resume, LinkedIn profile, or business card? Stop by the headshot station where you can sit with a professional photographer for no charge! The Professional Headshot Station will be located in the Exhibit Hall.

Headshot Hours
Sunday, November 4 – 7:30-9pm
Monday, November 5 – 12noon-5pm
Tuesday, November 6 – 12noon -5pm

Sponsored by AIMMS
Sponsored by AIMMS

Exhibitors for 2018 Annual Meeting

Booth #5 & 5A
Booth #22
Booth #36
Booth #34
Booth #30
Booth #37 & 38
Booth #26
Booth #21
Booth #6
Booth #1 & 2
Booth # 28
Booth #19
Booth #52
Booth #23
Booth #35
Booth #53
Booth #20
Booth #15
Booth #41
Booth #29
Booths #16 & 17
Booths #42
Booths #39

Sponsors for 2018 Annual Meeting

Diamond PLUS Level Sponsors

Diamond Level Sponsors

Platinum Level Sponsors

Silver Level Sponsors

Bronze Level Sponsors