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TutORials 2018 – Recent Advances in Optimization and Modeling of Contemporary Problems

2018 TutORials in Operations ResearchAll attendees receive free access to the INFORMS 2018 TutORials in Operations Research online content concurrently with the meeting. Registrants of the 2018 INFORMS Annual Meeting have online access to the 2018 chapters, written by select presenters, beginning on November 3, 2018. Access this content using the link provided to all attendees by email or, if you are a 2018 member, simply login to INFORMS PubsOnLine.

The TutORials in Operations Research series is published annually by INFORMS as an introduction to emerging and classical subfields of operations research and management science. These chapters are designed to be accessible for all constituents of the INFORMS community, including current students, practitioners, faculty, and researchers. The publication allows readers to keep pace with new developments in the field, and serves as augmenting material for a selection of the tutorial presentations offered at the INFORMS Annual Meetings.

Volume Co-Chairs

Esma Gel, Arizona State University

Lewis Ntaimo, Texas A&M University


Douglas Shier, Clemson University

Sunday, Nov. 4


Change Detection and Prognostics for Transient Real-World Processes Using Streaming Data

Ashif Sikandar Iquebal and Satish Bukkapatnam, Texas A&M University

Nature-Inspired Heuristics: Overview and Critique

Craig Tovey, Georgia Tech

Behavioral Challenges in Policy Analysis with Conflicting Objectives

Sponsored by INFORMS Multi Criteria Decision Making Section

Gilberto Montibeller, Loughborough University

Machine Learning and Data Mining with Combinatorial Optimization Algorithms

Dorit Hochbaum, University of California, Berkeley

Monday, Nov. 5


Optimization of Sequential Decision Making for Chronic Diseases: From Data to Decisions

Sponsored by INFORMS Health Applications Society

Brian Denton, University of Michigan

Tabu and Scatter Search: Principles and Practice

Manuel Laguna, University of Colorado

A Guide to Optimization Based Multi-Period Planning

Linus Schrage, University of Chicago and LINDO Systems

Coalescing Data and Decision Sciences for Analytics

Yunxiao Deng, Junyi Liu, and Suvrajeet Sen,  University of Southern California

Tuesday, Nov. 6


Optimization Modeling and Techniques for Systemic Risk Assessment and Control in Financial Networks

John Birge, University of Chicago; Aein Khabazian, University of Houston; Jiming Peng, University of Houston

How to Influence and Improve Decisions Through Optimization Models

Jeffrey D. Camm, Wake Forest University

Bayesian Optimization

Sponsored by INFORMS Applied Probability Society

Peter Frazier, Cornell University

Stochastic Gradient Descent: Recent Trends

Sponsored by INFORMS Simulation Society

David Newton, Purdue University; Farzad Yousefian, Oklahoma State University; and Raghu Pasupathy, Purdue University

Risk-Averse Stochastic Modeling and Optimization

Nilay Noyan, Sabancı University