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Remembering INFORMS Conferences in San Francisco of Seasons Past

by Anna Nagurney on November 7th, 2014
Attendees and speakers from INFORMS 2005 in San Fran special sessions

Attendees and speakers from INFORMS 2005 in San Fran special sessions

For some INFORMS members, this will be their first such conference in San Francisco. For other more seasoned members, I am sure that they have fond memories of previous INFORMS conferences in San Francisco.

The above photo was taken at the 2005 INFORMS San Francisco conference that November at which I organized two sessions in honor of the 50th anniversary of the publication of the classic book by Beckmann, McGuire, and Winsten, “Studies in the Economics of Transportation.” Both Martin Beckmann and Bart McGuire were in attendance and McGuire passed away shortly thereafter. I posted all the talks in the sessions on the Supernetwork Center website.

Beckmann recently celebrated his 90th birthday and when I saw that Professor Dick Cottle is giving a keynote Honoring George B. Dantzig at 100 I was reminded of the ORSA/TIMS (what INFORMS was formerly known as) conference in San Francisco in 1992, at which I had a photo taken with George Dantzig that I treasure and always share with the students that I teach. For those with patience you can see it towards the bottom of the page here.

And, coincidentally, my very first ORSA/TIMS conference was back in 1984, in San Francisco in May (in those days we had 2 annual conferences per year). One of the papers that I presented then was with my dissertation advisor at Brown University, Professor Stella Dafermos, rest her soul.

One of the highlights of all these and other INFORMS conferences is the great people that we have the privilege of interacting with who have made such an impact and to whom, to paraphrase Professor Cottle, “we owe so much!”

Looking forward to making amazing new memories at this INFORMS Conference in San Francisco.

Safe travels, everyone, and see you soon!



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