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Are you in Conference Flow?

by on November 9th, 2014

Flow is the perfect balance between challenge and focus. In sports terms this is called being “in the zone”.

Here are my personal guidelines to maximizing time in the flow state:

1) Forgive yourself at the beginning of the conference for not seeing everything or everyone you want. If you miss a must attend event, take a deep breath and move on.

2) Concentrate on conversations with people. This type of interaction is one of the main reasons to attend a conference in the first place. Reconnecting with friends and meeting new interesting people is a sure way to unlock flow.

3) Try something new and out of your comfort zone. This could be attending a session in an area you know nothing about or dancing at an event or taking a tour or eating food you have never tried before.

4) If you are exhausted from travel, attending briefs or standing up talking, take a break and recharge. This is especially true if you traveled a long distance or only attend a few conferences a year. These multi-day conferences tend to be more marathon than sprint so don’t burn yourself out in the first few days.

How will you know if you are in conference flow? Perceived time distortion will occur and days will seem much longer. One flow test I use is to see if I remember what I had for breakfast. If I don’t then that is good sign I am in conference flow.

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  1. Anne Robinson permalink

    Walt, well said.

    It’s so important to pace yourself through the conference.

    For new attendees, please don’t be shy to approach seasoned members – we can help you navigate the conference!


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