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Happy Birthday George Dantzig!

by David Morton on November 9th, 2014

Today, November 8th, is the 100th anniversary of George B. Dantzig’s birth. As Dick Cottle is fond of saying, “To say that George Dantzig is the father of linear programming is to underestimate his paternal accomplishments. Enlarging the list of ‘offspring’ to include all of mathematical programming comes closer to the truth.”

Among the must-see talks at this year’s INFORMS conference will be Dick’s keynote (10am Monday) honoring the Dantzig Century. After the keynote, Mukund Thapa (11am Monday) and Robert Freund (1:30pm Monday) will chair two sessions celebrating Dantzig’s 100th birthday with a wonderful group of speakers including Bob Entriken, Bob Fourer, Gerd Infanger, and Richard Van Slyke and then, in the second session, Ilan Adler, Roger Wets, and Yinyu Ye. This will be a fantastic pair of sessions.

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