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Just got done presenting on Integration of Analytics at Mayo Clinic # INFORMS Prize Winner

by Tarun Mohan Lal on November 9th, 2014

Yes, the conference has begun! The Hilton lobby is BUZZING with motivated students, proud practitioners and inquisitive new comers.. San Francisco couldn’t be any better without this crowd of Big Data Geeks. I continue to be so impressed with the number of miles people travel to attend this conference – from Netherlands to India to China to San Diego they are all here – What a rich group to learn from!

Started my day early by heading to the 7 AM New Member Breakfast. Represented the analytics section. Those who couldnt make it to the breakfast there is still time – come join us at the section reception tommorrow 6:15-7PM

After which, I along with my colleague Dustin Kuchera gave a talk on the integration of analytics at Mayo Clinic as winners of 2014 INFORMS Prize. It was such a proud moment. I almost got goose bumps presenting! We discussed the analytics vision, mission of Mayo Clinic as well as specific infrastructure set up within Mayo to make it happen. The highlight of our talk was the patient experience/story. We walked through the journey of a typical patient at Mayo Clinic providing insights to the operations research methods that made the seamless care delivery possible! The questions/answer session after the talk were amazing. Truly a learning and networking moment – met everyone from nurses in other organizations to patients at Mayo Clinic to suppliers of Mayo Clinic to folks from variety of industries – supply chain, transportation, technology, manufacturing, research group – THAT’S CALLED “TRUE INTERDISCIPLINARY” LEARNING!!!

After the talks, had the fortunate opportunity to do 2 coffee with member meetings. All recruiters, hope you have enough slots open for interviews. There is amazing talent here – get ready to make some hard decisions.

Heading now to listen to some more talks, catch up with  buddies for lunch and participate on the Health Application Society Panel discussion on how academics can help practitioners. Its at 4:30… Come join us!

More to come.. stay tuned.




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