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Quick Thoughts on the INFORMS Mobile App

by Scott Nestler on November 9th, 2014

We’re making progress at being more sustainable, but I’m not convinced yet that I’m ready to stop carrying around the oversized quick reference guide or the 1.5 in thick program book. Some thoughts/suggestions follow.

1. A colleague suggested that the INFORMS app should contain a recommender engine. I concur. Initially, you could say what sections/societies/topics/keywords are of interest to you. This would be more efficient than searching through the 1000-ish possible sessions. Then, after you attend a session and rate it (1-5 stars or another method), the app would suggest other sessions or talks that you might particularly be of interest to you. If Facebook can do this for friends, and Amazon can do this for books, why shouldn’t INFORMS do it for talks?

2. (Minor but annoying issue) On both my iPad and iPhone, the buttons at the top overlay the status bar and are very difficult to use. This was pointed out at the Analytics Meeting in Boston and should be an easy fix. (NOTE: I did check to make sure that I have the latest version.)

3. Make sure you know about the INFORMS Badge Scanner App too, the modern approach to exchanging business cards or contact information.

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