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My Way of Annual Meeting

by Sertalp B Çay on November 11th, 2014

I need to say this first: This annual meeting is way crazier than last year’s. It is very likely to see someone you know in 15 minutes if you are traveling in the wild corridors of Hilton.

Planning my schedule among 83 parallel tracks is an optimization problem itself. Someone should write a paper about it! But I can say that meeting is going great so far. Although I couldn’t make it to many talks as I had originally planned, I benefit from the annual meeting in many different ways.

Career Fair on Sunday was a great way to meet with people to talk about internship opportunities. I talked with representatives from Google, Amazon, FedEx, Apple and SAS. Wow, that was cool. I am really impressed by their attitude towards PhD students. The fair was more beneficial for soon-to-be graduates, but I am happy that I was able to learn more about career opportunities overall.

I had chance to attend Optimization Society Business Meeting and IOL & Social Networking Reception. I wish such events will be in different time slots in the following annual meetings. Both were great. Meeting finally with Thiago Serra and Marco Lübbecke, seeing Marc-Andre (@ORNinja), Paul Rubin, Phil Kim and Mary again made my day. We had a long discussion with Marc-Andre and Thiago about pronouncing names. As a person who is used to hear his name to be pronounced incorrectly, I quite enjoyed the conversation.

To be honest, I am still having difficulties to plan my remaining days, but preparing my presentation is taking all my time and energy. I am quite nervous about my upcoming presentation and would be happy to hear your suggestions!

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