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Join us for the virtual INFORMS Regional Analytics Conference on May 13-14.
A Zoom link will be sent out to all registered attendees.

Thursday, May 13

  • 10:00am PST

    Welcome & Introductions

    Nikhil Thaker, INFORMS Pacific Northwest Chapter President

  • 10:10am PST

    Keynote Speaker: Cancer Treatment Planning using Straight Lines, Circles, and Quadratic Equations

    Archis Ghate, University of Washington

  • 10:55am PST


  • 11:05am PST

    Operations Research Applications in Workforce Planning

    Emrah Cimran, Amazon

  • 11:35am PST


  • 11:45am PST

    Supply-Shortage and Diffusion Speed in New Product Markets: Brilliance, Blunder, or Serendipity?

    Surya Pathak, UW Bothell School of Business

  • 12:15pm PST


  • 12:25pm PST

    Queueing Models and Applications

    Qiming He, University of Waterloo

  • 1:10pm PST


  • 1:20pm PST

    Applying Geospatial Analytics to Optimize Last Mile Networks

    Dipal Gupta & Jin Ye, Amazon

  • 2:00 PST


  • 2:20 PST

    Day 1 Wrap-up

    Nikhil Thaker, INFORMS Pacific Northwest Chapter President

Friday, May 14