WSC 2018 features a comprehensive program ranging from introductory tutorials to state-of-the-art research and practice. Planned tracks are:

  • Advanced Tutorials
  • Analysis Methodology
  • Case Studies
  • Environment & Sustainability Applications
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Hybrid Simulation
  • Logistics, SCM, Transportation
  • Modeling and Analysis of Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Modeling Methodology
  • Project Management & Construction
  • Simulation Education
  • Simulation for a Noble Cause
  • PhD Colloquium
  • Vendor Tutorials
  • Agent-Based Simulation
  • Aviation Modeling and Analysis
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Gaming
  • Homeland Security & Emergency Response
  • Introductory Tutorials
  • Manufacturing Applications
  • Modeling and Simulation of Intelligent, Adaptive, & Autonomous Systems
  • Military Applications
  • Networks & Communication
  • Simulation Optimization
  • Simulation Standards and Reproducibility
  • Poster Sessions

The PhD Colloquium, Poster Session, Vendor and Case Studies tracks provide background on established and new methods, tools and application domains.

WSC 2018 continues to incorporate the MASM (Modeling and Analysis for Semiconductor Manufacturing) Conference, the leading modeling and analysis conference for global semiconductor manufacturing and supply chain operations.

Keynote Speaker:
Scott F. Breor

Deputy Assistant Secretary (Acting), Office of Infrastructure Protection
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Russell Cheng photo

Titan of Simulation:
Russell Cheng

Emeritus Professor, University of Southampton

Peter Frazier photo

Titan of Simulation:
Peter Frazier

Associate Professor, Cornell University; Staff Data Scientist and Data Science Manager at Uber

In addition, MASM Keynote will be Lars Mönch and the Military Track will feature Military Keynote Dr. Reiner Huber.