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Booth #26

Decision making in industry continues to become more complicated. Customers are more demanding as competition is fierce and costs for labor and materials continue to rise. Managers need state-of-the-art tools to help in planning, design, and operations. The AutoMod and AutoSched AP simulation products are the only simulation products on the market that provide the accuracy, scalability and performance necessary to model the most complex systems. The next evolution of simulation products are in progress ensuring that it will meet the needs of the simulation market for years to come. These advances have made AutoMod and AutoSched AP the most widely used simulation packages for material handling analyses and semiconductor modeling. The AutoMod and AutoSched AP product suite from Applied Materials has been used on thousands of projects empowering engineers and managers to make the best decisions. The power lies in its performance, scalability and accuracy in detailed modeling of large and complex manufacturing, distribution, automation and logistic operations, leaving the competition behind.

Booth #36

In the past few years, FlexSim has become the preferred choice for technology giants and some of the world’s most innovative companies. With the latest major version of its flagship simulation modeling package, FlexSim 2019, FlexSim continues to raise the bar for developing capable, valuable models with less time and effort. Visit Booths #17 and #20 to learn more about recent updates to database connectivity, data and analysis tools, emulation, and more. FlexSim has proven capable of solving challenging problems across the manufacturing, healthcare, warehousing, and supply chain sectors — see why FlexSim is the right fit for your simulation needs.

Booth #7

Frontline Systems helps you get analytics results quickly with just a browser or spreadsheet. We’re the only vendor offering cloud-based, full-power Monte Carlo simulation, stochastic optimization, and machine learning for Excel. See how easily you can solve risk analysis, resource allocation, forecasting and data mining problems — starting for $250, and scaling up to the largest models, using Analytic Solver® for Excel Online, Excel for Windows or Macintosh, and our RASON® modeling language and REST API. If you prefer writing code, use our Solver and XLMiner® SDKs for C#, Java, C++, R and Python to easily create your own analytics applications.

Booth #18

Geer Mountain provides a statistical software program, Stat::Fit, to analyze data for discrete event simulation or other event driven modeling.  Version 3 now has 34 distributions, is faster, includes new graphics capabilities and has a more intuitive user interface. The AutoFit function automatically fits continuous and discrete distributions, provides relative comparison between distribution types, and gives an absolute and relative measure of each distribution’s acceptability.   The Export function translates the fitted distribution into specific forms for simulation software.   The distribution viewer allows interactive display of distributions, providing for quick no-data representations.  Additional features include descriptive statistics, parameter estimates, goodness of fit tests, graphical analysis, random variate generation and more. 

Booth #19

MOSIMTEC is a professional services firm, assisting clients in making better decisions through the application of advanced decision support tools. MOSIMTEC leverages modern advancements in modeling and simulation science and technology to solve complex issues for clients across various industries. We provide consulting, training and software support in model development, computer simulation, validation, verification, and output analysis. The MOSIMTEC team has extensive experience working with leading computer simulation software. MOSIMTEC helps predict outcomes, decide actions, and improve operations.

Booth #10

Probability Management, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to systematize the communication of uncertainty through standards, best practices and education. The organization’s open SIPmath™ Standard conveys results between simulations running on different platforms as arrays of realizations and metadata called SIPs (Stochastic Information Packets). Formats include XML, CSV, Excel, and JSON. The SIPmath Modeler Tools for Excel leverage the Data Table function to create spreadsheet models that perform thousands of trials per keystroke based on SIP libraries generated in discrete event simulations, R, Python or other environments. To learn more, visit ProbabilityManagement.org.

Booth #1 & 2

Simio Simulation and Scheduling Software is the most advanced solution on the market. With simulation, it is the only software that is fully object oriented with process and objects being defined graphically with no programming. Unlike other scheduling software, Simio allows you to introduce risk into your production schedule with its patented Risk Based Planning and Scheduling. This dual function in Simio not only helps you improve your business performance from a facility design perspective, but also helps you maximize business results by optimizing the use of critical resources and assessing the risk associated with operational decisions.

Booth #37 & 38

AnyLogic Software is the standard in multimethod modeling technology which equates to increased efficiency and less risk when tackling complex business challenges. AnyLogic models enable analysts, engineers, and managers to gain deeper insights and optimize complex systems and processes across a wide range of industries. AnyLogic Software is utilized world-wide in thousands of commercial organizations and academic institutions, and in over 40% of Fortune 100 Companies.

The AnyLogic Company is a multinational team operating from the US and Europe with a global network of partners. We design, develop, and market simulation software for business applications.

Booth #6

The Optimization Firm is a deep tech company founded on breakthrough software engineering. Its software products are used in a wide variety of academic and industrial applications ranging from asset management firms and chemical process industries to energy production and pharmaceuticals. The company’s flagship product, BARON, is the most advanced solver for global optimization. Within seconds, BARON solves nonconvex optimization problems to global optimality, providing the best solutions to some of the hardest problems in computational decision-making. More than 400 institutions in over 50 countries rely on BARON for its fast and accurate solutions. The company recently developed ALAMO, a code for black-box optimization and learning of algebraic models from data. The models generated by ALAMO are accurate, simple in functional form, and generated from a minimal experimental data set.