Recruiter Information

WinterSim is a prime conference to recruit top technical talent. Students and practitioners of simulation are well positioned to:

  • Utilization simulation modeling to evaluate what-if scenarios
  • Create digital twins
  • Implement and test various machine learning and AI approaches
  • Conduct extensive data analysis
  • Understand the big picture objective, while still paying attention to important details and nuances of a system

WinterSim is the largest conference in the world solely dedicated to simulation modeling.

Exhibitors interested in additional recruiting opportunities can purchase the enhanced recruiter package add-on. This package will include:

  • Space in interview rooms for on-site interviews
  • A speaking time in the professional development track to assist in attracting talent
  • Additional marketing of the organization’s recruitment of top talent: listed in the program as a recruiter, signage, e-mail communications, on the WinterSim web-site, and communicated through WinterSim social media channels.

Any exhibitor can add the enhanced recruiter package for $250. For more information about exhibiting at WinterSim, please see the Exhibits page.