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Technology Tutorials

This IS IT! Interactive Smart Textbooks for the Modern Program!

Presented by: Jaret Wilson, Scotty Pectol

This is modern higher education! An affordable alternative to OER with up-to-date content from world-class author teams. Created by professors for professors, MyEducator smart interactive textbooks and learning resources are ideal for any classroom setting and work within live technology environments so your students don’t just learn, they do! Our approach enhances student engagement, improves learning outcomes, instructors receive better teaching evaluations, and students have more fun in the classroom.

Each smart learning resource is hosted on our intuitive platform with auto-graded assessments, ample instructor material, robust analytics, all with seamless single sign-on LMS integration, low student cost, lifetime access, and best-in-class service. Full access will be given to any book on our platform to attendees.