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The TutORials in Operations Research series is published annually by INFORMS as an introduction to emerging and classical subfields of operations research and management science. These chapters are designed to be accessible for all constituents of the INFORMS community, including current students, practitioners, faculty, and researchers. The publication allows readers to keep pace with new developments in the field and serves as augmenting material for a selection of the tutorial presentations offered at the INFORMS Annual Meeting.

All attendees receive free access to the INFORMS 2021 TutORials in Operations Research online content concurrently with the meeting. Registrants of the 2021 INFORMS Annual Meeting have online access to the 2021 chapters, written by select presenters, beginning on October 24, 2021.

Characterizations of SDP Relaxation Exactness of QCQPs and Their Applications

Author: Fatma Kilinc-Karzan

Discrete Choice Models and Applications in Operations Management

Author: Ruxian Wang

Evolutionary Computation: An Emerging Framework  for Practical Single and Multi-Criterion Optimization and Decision-Making

Author: Kalyanmoy Deb

Game Theory and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Author: Anna Nagurney

Good and Bad Optimization Models: Insights from Rockafellians

Author: Johannes Royset

Min-Max Statistical Methods Based on Optimal Transport

Author: Jose Blanchet

Machine Learning and Optimization for Power Systems Operations

Author: Pascal van Hentenryck

Learning and Information in Stochastic Networks and Queues

Author: Neil Walton

Response-guided Dosing in Cancer Radiotherapy

Author: Archis Ghate

Storytelling with Sports Analytics

Author: Kevin Hutson

Surrogate-based Simulation Optimization

Author: Jeff Hong