INFORMS as a source for Analytics talent

I had the privilege to speak to the Executive Forum attendees. The topic was INFORMS role in providing analytics talent. Really it’s a make or buy decision. If you “buy” your analytics talent by hiring, the INFORMS Career Center provides high quality job seekers. This conference is a source to meet skilled analytics professionals. The INFORMS Annual Meeting brings up to 5,000 people together with 78 simultaneous tracks of three to five talks each. One of the speakers must be a great fit for an employer.

Hiring masters-level graduates provides expertise in their area. Consider PhDs for their breadth as well as depth. Plus their exposure to research can be helpful in solving non-standard problems.

If you “make” your analytics talent by developing current employees the academic programs involved with INFOMS provide superb education. Consider collaborating to help shape programs to better meet your needs – a win-win. Certificate programs provide a faster result if your goals are more focused. MOOCs are useful, and more successful if you can employees meet in study groups. Consider having selected classes delivered onsite by a university or consultancy.

The CAP program provides a development road map, recognition, and a way to screen job applicants. CAP also has a continuing education component, encouraging a continuously learning organization.

I also distinguish between training and education. Employers naturally gravitate towards training, but education helps people deal with those troubling non0standard problems.

Finally, consider self-development by subscribing to the free digital magazine Analytics. Interfaces provides case studies that are readily useful. ORMS Today is a helpful publication provided to INFORMS members. Finally, companies should consider becoming a member of the INFORMS Round Table.

Bill Klimack