Monday Funday

This morning started off with a classic doppelgänger misunderstanding. A new friend and I went to go eat breakfast at a table with who we thought from a distance was a fellow IPC participant. Well, we sat down and the man that looked up at us was NOT the same guy. It’s all good though- we made a new friend.

From there, I scooted off to coffee with a member. And after coffee with a member, I accidentally crashed someone else’s coffee with a member! Thanks to the Stanford PhD candidates for letting me join their conversation!

My first talk of the day was Jen Underwood’s discussion of developing real time dashboards. She highlighted best practices and showed off free (!!!) tools that can be utilized. I just finished up a project at work on dashboards, so I’m hoping we can implement some of her tactics for later improvements.

Next, I hit up Sam Savage’s introduction to SIPMath. I think what he has going is awesome- we need to be able to “communicate uncertainty unambiguously” aka make probability easy for everyone to understand and utilize. And at the end of the presentation, I left my purse in the room by mistake (I was totally on the ball this morning)! Fortunately, I realized the mistake within 10 minutes and was able to walk away unscathed and with my credit cards.

While the previous two lectures were directly related to my job function, I decided to indulge in a sports lecture for some fun. Patrick Lucey from Disney (FYI I had no idea that Disney did research for ESPN!) highlighted real time tracking methods for soccer, basketball, and tennis. Did you know that 71.3% of penalty kick shots on goal resulted in goals? Me neither.

In the afternoon, I attended an Edelman Finalist presentation from the US Army / Sandia. I was truly impressed that the use of analytics saved over $3 billion. THREE BILLION DOLLARS. Talk about impact!

The impact of analytics was truly visible at the Edelman Gala. All of the finalists are (in the words of Bill Nye), “dare I say it, changing the world!” Huge congratulations to Syngenta for your efforts with solving world hunger! I’d also like to send a congratulations to my alma mater Lehigh University for being a finalist for the UPS George D. Smith Prize! Thank you to Brian Heath who sat next to me and provided words of encouragement as I cried over our loss. (Just kidding- no tears were shed!)

I’m sure I’m missing something from Monday Funday, so my apologies to any cool people or events that didn’t get a shout out. Good night and see you tomorrow!