Optimize, not supersize

This morning I had the privilege of hearing the reprise presentation of the 2015 Franz Edelman Award winner. Syngenta is using data driven analytics to transform the way soybeans are breeded. With the population projected to grow by the billions over the coming years, there exists a critical need to feed the world in a sustainable and healthy manner. We need to be able to do more with less. As a result, Syngenta has implemented 4 optimization tools that look at over a trillion (literally a trillion) design options to produce the greatest genetic gain for soybeans. Doing so has allowed Syngenta to claim all the spots on the podium in 2013 for top soybean yields, and has saved the company over $287 million. If I was not impressed by the impact of their work (but don’t worry, I was!), there is no denying that their presentation was top notch. The flow of the presentation, relaxed tone of the speakers, and their ability to discuss complex subjects with eloquent simplicity was nothing short of impressive. Congratulations Syngenta! The award is well-deserved!