The IPC Scoop

Good evening from the beautiful Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach, California! I’m Rosie Roessel and I just finished up my day as an informs Professional Colloquium participant. First off, thank you to Alan Briggs and company for putting together such an awesome agenda! I’m going to outline the day and throw in a key quote from that portion because I love a good quote!
1) Robin Lougee from IBM talked about the state of the world’s information and where we’re going. Key quote: “Data is the new oil.”
2) We had a group activity where we interacted with a customer to solve a real industry problem.
Key quote: “Whatever you’re doing, do it excellently. And document that you’re doing it excellently.”
3) Aly Megahed and Erick Wikum gave us advice for launching our careers.
Key quote: “Network, network, network!”
4) We indulged in a finger-licking good taco bar lunch provided by Pacific Grill! Rumor has it that we were originally going to have boxed lunches… Thank goodness we didn’t!
Key quote: “Is it acceptable to get seconds… And thirds?”
5) An executive panel answered questions about problem solving, communication, getting jobs, career advancement, visualization, soft skills… Basically everything.
Key quote: “I could care less about big data. I care about big impact!”
6) Glenn gave us the scoop about informs… What is this organization that we’re here for?!
Key quote: “Get involved!”
7) Sam Savage talked about making probability useful for everyone. He’s a true renaissance man (car mechanic, PhD, folk musician, author, puzzle maker, etc) and his energy made for a fun end to a great day!

I’m off to check out the career fair with my new friends and fellow IPC participants! See you there!