Operations Research and Analytics is now!

Paul Ballew of Ford gave a great plenary presentation on “Transforming the Automotive Industry with Data and Analytics“. It is not only the content of the talk that really impressed me. I have been in practical optimization for more than two decades now, so I am no longer really surprised of the enormous potential of operations research and analytics to add real value and help solve, even revolutionize business cases. But what really strikes me over and over again when I hear people like Paul talk is the enthusiasm, the power, their vision. OMG, it is really happening! It is not just a potential. OR and analytics are actually at the heart of transforming the business world. Right now. And we all are part of it. Paraphrasing Paul, operations research and data analytics have the tools, and there has never been a more exciting time than now to use them.

I broadcasted the presentation on periscope in case you have missed it. Watching it is worth every minute.