Monday’s Poster Session

analyticsposter2016 I was very impressed by the poster session at the conference yesterday, both in terms of the quality of the posters and the number of people who stopped by to ask me questions about my work. I was presenting my and Dr. Ruken Duzgun’s research on multi-range robust optimization, with a focus on a case study we did comparing two-range robust optimization (2R-RO) with stochastic programming (SP). While traditional RO of the Bertsimas & Sim variety ends up only considering the nominal and worst-case value of each coefficient at optimality, multi-range RO can incorporate more than 2 scenarios (2R-RO can have up to 4 scenarios, for instance) and thus offers a bridge between traditional RO and SP. Our approach solves within seconds while SP hits the time limit of 1 day. You can read our papers here and here. Thanks to Sudharshana Srinivasan for taking my picture!