Richard E. Rosenthal Early Career Connection reception

The Richard E. Rosenthal Early Career Connection (RER ECC) on Sunday was a great success! RER ECC participants mingled with conference attendees selected for their shared expertise and record of contributions to INFORMS. I particularly want to thank Elea Feit, Mike Trick and Robin Lougee for taking the time to share their insights with the RER ECC participants (with apologies to anyone I forget). The program targets young professionals only a few years into the workforce. I was very impressed by the record of accomplishments of this year’s cohort and their ability to potentially implement large-scale analytics at companies like General Motors or Air Liquide. All of them were extremely articulate in addition to exceptionally talented and I am sure we will hear from them in the future for their operations research accomplishments. I am including the slide my co-chairperson Tarun Mohan Lal of Mayo Clinic prepared for the introduction of the RER ECC participants during one of the Analytics16 keynote addresses, which contains their name and picture (make sure to congratulate them on their selection to RER ECC if you see them) and a picture of the reception taken by RER ECC ‘ 15 alumna Sudharshana Srinivasan, who was instrumental this year in helping Tarun and me deliver a high-quality Richard E. Rosenthal Early Career Connection program.