Internet of Things


John Ciasulli

Operations & Corporate Development

Uptake Collaborative Disruption Model

Big Data is transforming the business landscape for iconic industrial companies. Unprecedented amounts of data are being generated, yet much of the value remains untapped. Early attempts to create the analytical tools necessary to effectively capture and capitalize on this massive data generation have been widely unsuccessful.

Uptake has developed a unique approach to address this challenge, partnering with iconic companies in major industries to generate revolutionary predictive analytics solutions.


John Ciasulli joined Uptake, a fast-growing, Chicago-based predictive analytics SaaS platform provider, as its first employee. In addition to overseeing operations at Uptake, John leads Corporate Development. Prior to joining Uptake, John was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Lightbank, founded multiple technology companies, and designed industrial solar power plants.

John holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Chicago Booth.


Cara Dienes

Senior Manager, Decision Science
Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Tools For Interconnecting Data

In a world where sensors can be attached to anything, the future can be imagined as a web of data representing the dynamic state of the physical world. To harness the streams of information from this Internet of Things, graph databases may provide the most natural platform for surfing this network of interconnected data. In this talk, we explore the potential power of searching for hidden patterns with graph database technology and related analytics in the new Internet of Things.


Cara J. Dienes, Sr. Manager, Decision Science joined Walt Disney Parks & Resorts in 2010. Her responsibilities include support for multiple lines of business across Walt Disney Parks & Resorts in the areas of big data innovations, revenue management, and pricing analytics. Prior to joining Disney, Cara worked as a systems engineer in the defense industry. She completed her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering at Iowa State University.



Steve Matthews

Business Consulting Practice Director

The Internet Of Things: The Informed Revolution That Is Transforming Industry


20 years ago, the Internet reshaped the consumer-facing economy forever through a revolution in communication with and between individuals. Today, the Internet of Things has the potential to do the same to the industrial economy through unprecedented communication between devices.

Just as it was in the late 1990s, the hype machine is in full swing. Does that mean that we’re heading for another dotcom bubble-style crash? Possibly, but this time around there is reason to believe that success may be achieved with less drama. The foundations are already in place, in two distinct and important ways:

1. The technology is understood, and more importantly, it’s understood that the technology is not what’s important.
2. The leaders of this revolution are not necessarily the startups. Those who stand to gain the most are established leaders in their fields, and many of them are making all the right moves to be able to profit – quickly from new business models enabled by technology.

In this presentation we investigate how smart, connected devices enable analytics-driven, often automated decisions that already contribute millions to the bottom line. We will show how the coupling of those devices with analytics of things in the context of other operational and business systems will deliver billions more.


Steve Matthews is Business Consulting Practice Director at Teradata, where he leads a team of industry experts who help companies optimize their operations and realize real-world value from their data.

For over 25 years, he has worked to deliver technology solutions to industry, starting in the front line of oilfield operations, drilling wells in many different corners of the world before moving into management positions in Technology, Software Development, Business Intelligence and Market Analysis.

Since joining Teradata, Steve has worked with Data Scientists to uncover significant business insights for numerous clients in multiple industries. As interest stirs in the Internet of Things, he is dreading the hype, but excited by the possibilities to deliver radical change and competitive advantage to clients.


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Doug Meiser

Operations Research Manager
The Kroger Co.

Retail Internet of Things

Almost everyone is familiar with the Internet of Things (IoT) that enable smart homes and smart commercial buildings. The same technology is also available for use in retail environments. ZigBee Retail Services™ helps retailers reinvent the shopping experience for a customer-centric process by layering new control capabilities into everyday tasks. The Retail IoT (or ‘riot’). With this innovative technology, retailers can increase productivity, strengthen customer loyalty and streamline operations with the underpinnings of a comprehensive data-driven infrastructure tailored to the retail environment. The underlying mesh network infrastructure provided by ZigBee is ideal for implementing the retail service components of a system that enhances the shoppers’ experience and brings greater efficiencies to retailers through data collection and analysis. Standardized retail services solutions enable retailers to build networks incrementally and cost-effectively with components, and to scale by adding additional devices with specific functions without expanding the network infrastructure or integrating new software into the retail system’s back-end servers.

Mr. Meiser is proud to be the founding member of the Operations Research Team at The Kroger Company.  The Operations Research team has delivered world-class solutions in innovation, queuing, inventory, facility layout, manufacturing analysis, and many other disruptive solutions.  In 2013, Doug was honored as a Franz Edelman Laureate for the Operations Research Team’s work in inventory. He was honored in 2014 for the company’s rank at the #3 spot in the Information Week Elite 100 for the Kroger QueVision system.  Doug obtained his B.S. in Mathematics and Physics and his MBA from Northern Kentucky University.



John E. Osborne II

Chairman, The ZigBee Alliance and General Manager, Research & Development
The Kroger Co.


John’s expertise is in computer science combined with business management, negotiation and purchasing disciplines. He has been responsible for enterprise wide operational and technical projects budgets worth millions of dollars. He has a number of patents and co-authored a global technical specification for ZigBee. John graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Ohio University. Currently he is also a member of the Advisory Boards of Ohio University School of Communications the University of Cincinnati School of Computer Science.

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Lakshmi Talluru

Director of Internet of Things (IoT)
Intel Corporation

Internet of Things Overview – Driving Business Transformation

This presentation will provide an overview of Intel’s leadership efforts in IoT with its ecosystem partners, focused on accelerating business transformation in the industry across multiple vertical markets. In particular, this presentation will share how conversion of large volume of IoT data to business value involves multiple technologies ranging from things to network to cloud, including next generation of advanced distributed analytics, security, manageability, and compute platform architectures. This presentation will provide real world examples and challenges, particularly related to the analytics architecture and solutions that meet the needs of legacy and future IOT deployments.


Lakshmi Talluru is the Director of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions at Intel. His focus areas include end to end IoT solutions, business intelligence at the edge and in the cloud, and IoT ecosystem development on Intel. He joined Intel in 2000 and has held various technical and management positions in the areas of software ecosystem development, software enabling, technology adoption in Enterprise IT, and influencing Industry Standards bodies. Prior to IoT solutions role, Lakshmi led Intel Software Partner Program consists of 12,000+ software companies worldwide, enable them to optimize their products on Intel platforms. He established Intel Software and Services group in Brazil and increased Intel’s influence in software ecosystem in Brazil and LAR. Prior to joining Intel, Lakshmi worked several faculty positions at Penn State and Clarkson Universities. His research interests include: machine learning, expert systems, fuzzy logic, AI, BI, and Group Technology with focus on business problem solving. He has a PhD in MIS from Syracuse University, Masters in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from Syracuse, and another master’s degree in Systems Management from IIT, New Delhi.