A new experience on INFORMS Online

I am excited about the INFORMS website and logo. I am the INFORMS VP of Marketing, Communication, and Outreach, and I’ve been working on both issues. The logo change started as a conversation with the Board in January 2016. If INFORMS were to choose a new logo, introducing it as part of the website redesign was a good time to do it. But the Board had a lot of mixed feelings on a new logo. We asked the INFORMS membership for feedback on a couple of new logo options, and after receiving little feedback, we included three potential new logos in the member survey last summer along with what was then the current logo. The result was overwhelming: INFORMS members greatly preferred one of these logos.

Mike Trick blogged about the evolution of the INFORMS logo from 1996 until today.


  I have often been asked about how the logo was designed. I had no part in the process. From the early discussions about the logo, the Board wanted to change and tweak the logo. A logo designed by committee is not a good logo, and Mary Leszczynski at INFORMS asked us to trust the experts and let logo people design potential logos.


I urge you to check out the new INFORMS website. I am pretty happy with the final product 🙂