Making Lifelong Connections

Today is the first day of the INFORMS 2017 Business Analytics conference. It is also my first time attending an INFORMS conference, but I already feel at home amongst other professionals devoted to advancing the industry through the sharing of ideas, networking and learning. In fact, I only joined INFORMS a few months ago despite having friends and colleagues in INFORMS that can not say enough good things about the association. Based upon their experiences, I decided to go “all-in” by getting engaged early and often. I became CAP certified, a mentor for the Professional Colloquium, and volunteered to help document the conference through these blogs.

The idea that “networking is everything” resonated at an Executive Panel event at today’s Professional Colloquium. The panel was comprised of academic and industry leaders with diverse experiences and achievements, but all highlighted the impact to their success of connecting with others outside of their immediate work organization and perspective. The panel also offered numerous great pieces of advice to the Colloquium on topics such as: the differences between Academic and Industry careers, how to find the ideal place to work, how to create individual and team success, how to keep learning with a career “jungle-gym” and how to ensure that Ethics remains a high priority in an industry where analytics often brings transformational power. I was proud that this topic come up in the discussion and was happy to hear the panel remind the crowd that ethics is one of the five pillars of the CAP.

Thanks to Alan Briggs for the invite, Glenn Wegryn for moderating and to the panel for sharing their insights (Michael Rappa, Sanjay Saigal, Anne Robinson, and Stefan Karisch)