Jim Diamond
Managing Director
Operations Research and Advanced Analytics
American Airlines

From Flying Machines to Machine Learning: Advanced Analytics at American Airlines

On any given day, American Airlines will fly more than a quarter of a million passengers on
approximately 3400 flights, deliver more than 300,000 pieces of baggage, and receive more than
239,000 reservations calls. Tasked with impeccable logistics alongside top-notch customer service,
American Airlines has long leveraged information technology and advanced analytics for competitive
advantage and improved decision making. Analytics play a part in all areas of the business, including
planning flight schedules, allocating discount fares, assigning crews, routing aircraft, optimizing spare
part inventories, and understanding customer behavior. In this session, Diamond will provide
examples from across the airline of how advanced analytics are being used to gain insights and solve
some of American Airlines’ most challenging and complex problems.


Jim Diamond is Managing Director of Operations Research and Advanced Analytics at American
Airlines. In this role he leads teams responsible for delivering analytical insights and developing
decision support tools for various departments, from planning to operations, across the airline. Prior
to this role, he held various leadership positions at Sabre, the travel technology company.

Diamond received his B.S. degree from Cornell University and an M.S. and Ph.D. from Purdue

Bill Groves
Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Riding the Wave of Change: Thriving as a Data Scientist Today

We’ve all probably heard the proverb “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” But recently, it seems like they’re just changing, leaving almost nothing the same. From business to technology to massive information generation to data science itself, we’re living in a world of unprecedented transformation.

So what does all this change really mean to you as a data scientist? How do you not only master the shifting environment – but use it to thrive?

In this talk, Bill Groves, Chief Analytics Officer at Honeywell International, will explore the landscape of change over the recent past, present and future:

· The shifting business world
· Changing customer behaviors, mindsets and expectations
· Emerging technologies in data, analytics and beyond
· What all this means to data analytics and data scientistsThere’s never been a better time to be at the forefront of data science. Ride the wave of change today – and into tomorrow.


Bill Groves is responsible for creating and managing the new Data & Analytics Center of Excellence at Honeywell. In this role he leads Honeywell’s efforts to transition to a data driven company and monetize Honeywell data to drive revenue.

Bill has almost two decades of industry experience in building and managing world-class analytic organizations that drive business growth. Prior to joining Honeywell Bill served as the Chief Data & Analytic Officer at Solera were he built and ran the Data and Analytics business. In addition he has held executive level roles in Data and Analytics at Fortune 500 companies including the role of Chief Analytics Officer at Dun & Bradstreet, Analytic Consulting Leader at Fair Isaac and MBNA America. Bill was previously a Board Director for the Buro de Credito in Mexico and currently serves as a Board Advisor for BizEquity, the leading provider of business valuation knowledge.

Bill Groves graduated from the University of Delaware with a Master’s degree in Technology and Innovation.

Bill lives in Delaware with his wife and two boys; he enjoys coaching and participating in football, lacrosse and ice hockey in his spare time.

Groves received his B.S. degree from Cornell University and an M.S. and Ph.D. from Purdue

E. Andrew Boyd
Former Chief Scientist and Senior Vice President
PROS, Texas A&M University and the University of Houston

Analytics:  A Winning Gamble

Analytics projects are susceptible to failure when people unfamiliar with the strengths and limitations of analytics are involved. Problems arise due to skepticism or, conversely, unreasonably high expectations about what analytics can achieve.

In this after-lunch presentation, Mr. Boyd will share some useful and entertaining ways to properly set expectations with non-analytics practitioners. In particular, he’ll draw upon analogies between analytics and games of chance to illustrate proven educational methods leading to project success.


Dr. E. Andrew (Andy) Boyd is former Chief Scientist and Senior Vice President of PROS, an analytics firm specializing in revenue management and dynamic pricing. He is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at both Texas A&M University and the University of Houston. He is also a scheduled contributor to the Engines of Our Ingenuity, a nationally syndicated program produced by Houston’s National Public Radio affiliate, KUHF, where he has authored and voiced nearly 400 episodes.

Dr. Boyd received his A.B. with Honors at Oberlin College with majors in mathematics and economics in 1981, and his Ph.D. in operations research from MIT in 1987. He has numerous scholarly publications to his credit, has written several technical articles and book chapters, and was part of a 2003 Edelman finalist team for work with Texas Children’s Hospital. He was elected an INFORMS Fellow in 2007, and shared the INFORMS Impact award for pioneering work in revenue management/pricing in 2016. He is author of the book The Future of Pricing: How Airline Ticket Pricing Has Inspired a Revolution, Palgrave-MacMillan, 2007.