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Decision Frameworks

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Decision Frameworks is a leading Decision Quality enablement firm through our unique combination of services and software.  Our aim is to improve the quality of the decisions you, your teams and your management are making.  We do this by bringing to you our expertise as DQ practitioners, our comprehensive skill development programs and our world class Decision Quality software.

Decision Frameworks has been in business since 1999 and has a client base of over 100+ companies.  These clients range from small shops to multi-national companies.  Over the years, hundreds of teams and projects have been positively impacted by Decision Frameworks services and software.  The combination of content and process knowledge, unique case based training and easy to use tools and software, have helped revolutionized the way in which teams and management engage in making great quality decisions.

Formed by Ellen Coopersmith, after she lead one of the oil industry’s most successful implementations of Decision Analysis (DA) for Conoco, Decision Frameworks has extensive experience in the high risk/high rewards industries of energy and pharmaceuticals, but has worked in other sectors too.

If you are looking to enhance your results through improving the choices you are making, on projects large and small, contacting Decision Frameworks will help.