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Aziz Safa

Aziz Safa

Chief Data Officer at Intel Corporation

Aziz M. Safa is chief data officer, a vice president of Information Technology, and general manager of the enterprise data and platforms IT group at Intel Corporation. As Intel’s chief data officer, Safa is responsible for the corporate oversight and integration of data management, data governance, data compliance and internal analytics services. In addition, as general manager of enterprise data and platforms IT, he oversees the business platforms that support applications for Intel’s Finance, Human Resources (HR), Supply Chain, and Sales and Marketing organizations. His responsibilities in that role span cross-enterprise IT platform architecture, engineering, databases, middleware, big data, business intelligence and advanced analytics.

Before assuming his current role in 2017, Safa served as general manager of IT enterprise solutions, where he was responsible for Finance, HR, and Corporate Services business systems. He also led IT cross-enterprise functions for application architecture, SAP engineering, big data platforms, business intelligence and advanced analytics.

An Intel veteran currently based in Arizona, Safa has held multiple automation and IT management positions across the company since joining Intel in 1993. His tenure includes 15 years as a development director for factory automation systems, with responsibility for information systems and services supporting Intel’s technology development and high-volume manufacturing. While in that role, he earned an Intel Achievement Award for developing and deploying die-level cherry-picking capabilities. Safa also previously served as decision support systems manager in the Technology Manufacturing Engineering organization, and as automation program manager at Intel’s Fab 11 fabrication facility in New Mexico.

Before coming to Intel, Safa was a software engineer with Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Safa earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science from Texas State University.

Track: Analytics Leadership

Monday, April 15, 9:10–10:00am

Data: The Fuel of Tomorrow

Data is the new fuel that powers the experiences of the future and gives businesses critical insights we once thought were impossible. Data is disrupting and transforming all industries, it truly is the fuel of tomorrow. Control and security will be key for businesses that need to know what’s being collected, how it’s being used, and how personal data can be deleted as required. End-to-end computing, powered by technology like 5G, sets the foundation for delivering critical insights, and the incredible experiences of tomorrow. Discover how to drive business transformation with a smart data strategy that is optimized for artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver faster time-to-insight. Learn how to unlock the power trapped in immense data volumes, how quality data enables better application of Data Science for effective decisions, as well as the next generation, future-ready infrastructure platforms needed to make the impossible, possible.