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Baptiste Lebreton

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Baptiste Lebreton

Baptiste Lebreton

Operations Research Manager at Eastman Chemical Company

Baptiste Lebreton earned his PhD in Augsburg, Germany and went for a PostDoc in Operations Management at INSEAD where he consulted the fashion, electronics and chemical industries.

Baptiste joined Eastman in 2008 and worked as a supply chain manager for a European business, led the introduction of advanced planning systems and supported the development of math-based corporate strategy models.

He currently leads the Operations Research group at Eastman Chemical Company. His main area of interest is to make advanced analytics such as OR/AI work in real life and delight final users, especially in the supply chain and manufacturing fields.

Track: Supply Chain

Tuesday, April 16, 11:30am–12:20pm

ROMEO: A Fast and Transparent Framework for Multi-Echelon Inventory Analytics in Chemical Industries

Defining the right level of inventory in multi-echelon supply chains is a key issues for commodity as well as specialty chemical companies. In the past 15 years, the Guaranteed Service Model (GSM) has gained wide adoption in planning software. While the GSM-based approaches bring valuable insights in retail or discrete manufacturing supply chains, these fall short in chemical supply chains where production wheels, tight manufacturing and warehousing capacity constraints as well as variable recipes exist. We present a simulation/optimization approach called ROMEO (Rolling Optimizer for Multi-Echelon Operations) that replicates daily supply chain operations (Order Promising/ATP, Supply Planning) and hence provides analysts with more tractable inventory recommendations that users can relate to. After a quick overview of literature and problem statement, we’ll describe ROMEO’s logic and show how it is currently applied at Eastman Chemical Company to drive inventories down.