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Carolyn Mooney

Carolyn Mooney

Carolyn Mooney (co-presenter)

Lead Systems Engineer at Grubhub

Carolyn leads the Systems Engineering team at Grubhub. Her team designs and improves complex logistics systems using analysis, models, and simulation. They support Grubhub’s business objectives from concept development through roll-out analysis, ensuring that emergent system performance meets their modeled expectations. Carolyn previously worked at Zoomer, a small meal-delivery start-up and at Lockheed Martin on ballistic missile defense simulations . She holds her Bachelor’s in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and still works in the Philadelphia area.

Sagar Sahasrabudhe

Sagar Sahasrabudhe

Sagar Sahasrabudhe (co-presenter)

Lead Decision Scientist at Grubhub

Sagar currently leads a team of operation researchers, data scientists and developers at Grubhub. His responsibilities include creating models to automate decision making at scale in the food delivery marketplace and building realistic simulation capabilities. Specifically he oversees routing algorithms, scheduling and real time predictive models used for various timing estimations. Sagar has a breadth of experience in developing machine learning models and designing practical optimization algorithms in multiple industries. Prior to Grubhub he spent 5 years in options trading industry building statistical signals for optimal automated trading strategies and portfolio optimization. Sagar holds a PhD in Physics from Northwestern University. His research there focussed on dynamical evolution of complex networks. He devised local systematic perturbation strategies that appeared to be harmful at local level but would eventually drive the network to a desirable global state. Prior to that Sagar completed his undergraduate education in India from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

Track: Implementing Analytics

Monday, April 15, 3:40–4:30pm

Implementing Analytics to Automate Decisions at Scale

How can we leverage analytics and its implementation to make decisions in real time and at scale in an online food delivery marketplace? There are three key actors involved in food delivery: diners (ordering food), restaurants (preparing food) and delivery providers (transporting food from restaurants to diners). In orchestrating the actions of these actors, there are a number of key challenges involved: demand prediction, contracting the right number of delivery providers, coordinating handoff of food at restaurants, accurately communicating timing estimates to all the actors and smart routing that can account for multiple business needs. Efficient food delivery systems require automation of these tactical and operational decisions at scale. This is achieved through effective use of data and analytics to power the systems that make those decisions. We always focus on empowering execution driven systems making consistent and repeatable decisions. During this talk, attendees will hear how we manage this at Grubhub by using various technologies, analytics platforms and the process by which they add value to the overall end to end workflow.