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Daniel Reaume

Daniel Reaume

Daniel Reaume

Vice-President of Operations Research at Revenue Analytics, Inc.

Dan Reaume is the Vice-President of Operations Research for Revenue Analytics. In this role, he leads its data scientists in delivering value to clients across multiple industries via innovative pricing solutions. Dan has over two decades of technical and executive experience in analytics. Prior to joining Revenue Analytics, he was thrice recognized with General Motor’s highest technical honor for analytics that generated several billion dollars in incremental profits. Switching to pricing roles in chemical industry with Dow Chemical and Dow Corning, his executive leadership increased Dow Corning’s profits by nearly five percent. Dan earned several degrees in mathematics, computer science, industrial engineering, management, and law, including a Ph.D. from the university of Michigan.

Track: Marketing Analytics

Tuesday, April 16, 10:30–11:20am

Pricing and Revenue Management: Different Flavors for Different Industries

Pricing and revenue management analytics have driven billions of dollars of increased profits across every business sector. But business and technical challenges differ greatly between industries and companies and success depends on tailoring solutions appropriately. This talk presents an overview of such solutions for six verticals – service retail, B2B, automotive (and other OEMs), media, hotels, and cruises. For each vertical, it will address some of the key challenges and present examples of analytics used to address them. Moreover, it will highlight how further company-specific tailoring is often critical to maximizing value.